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To Fly
does not just mean freedom.
It is also knowledge,
absolute dedication
and constant research
of technical perfection.
To see things
from another point of view
in order to discover, deep inside,
our roots.

Roberto Burchi
President - Chief executive officer

The roots of our Company go back to the 40’s:
a tradition of excellence in the domain
of joinery nautical and civil furniture
which has been handed down from father to son.
Over the decades we have developed
an exclusive technologically advanced know-how
but still based on jealously guarded
woodwork techniques.
The secrets of the craft skills
and the passion for this fascinating profession
have harmoniously combined
with other fundamental elements:
team-work, precious and essential.
The knowledge in the selection of raw materials,
the constant research of quality and safety,
the strict organization of the production cycles,
the perfection of the numerical control machines.
All of this offers to ourselves
and to the most demanding Clients
the joy and the guarantee of a unique result.



RARADIX is the evolution of the historic Name DUERRE,
which remains as given as the company’s fiscal data,
leaving space to the strength of the new brand
created for us by Sergio Bianco.

RARADIX is composed of two key words:
RARA expresses the value of precious things.
RADICE (root), from the latin RADIX,
evokes the wood and the deep knowledge of the trade.
The symbol is the base of a tree
enclosed within a circle.
The diameter marks the horizon
in the contrast between positive and negative.
The heart of the root is an arrow pointing up.
The upper part of the trunk, open to the sky,
is ideally free to grow and evolve itself.
The character assumes the curving of the symbol
similar to the natural flexing of the branches.
The overall view reminds that of a whole tree,
with a trunk and sweeping foliage,
but, with its veins, it also evokes
the geometrical structure of each single leaf.
It is therefore a sign that contains small and large,
present and future
enclosing, in a magical way,
the potential of our Company.



We develop furniture “turnkey”
for pleasure boats and mega yachts.
The entire productive cycle is organized
by a software management company
which constantly monitors the processing stages
of every single commission
n from the time of order to the final delivery.
Our technical department,
composed by highly qualified personnel
manages the designing in all its phases:
detection environments
also carried on board of the boats,
3D planning and rendering development.
The furnishing of each yacht is created within our spaces
and then is reassembled on board.
In this way we exercise a complete control
with reduction of working hours away
and cost optimization.
We collaborate with craftsmen
and with the best specialists in the field
of finishing details and we have privileged contacts
in the supply of excellent raw materials:
wood, marble, stone, metal and leather.
We carry out "refitting", even partial, in Italy and abroad.
We boast a prestigious collaboration
with renown architects and designers and
with some of the most important shipyards in the world.


The techniques and construction methods used
for the internal construction of the yacht
are also applied to other sectors with excellent results.
Hotel furniture, shops and luxury villas “contracts"
are a very important part of our business.
Attention to details and selection of high quality materials
have always been distinguishing factors in our production.
The construction of the complete furniture
made in our factories and the following reassembly
allow total control of the final result.


It is a patented modular system
which starts with the assembly of three components
joined by a stylish visible interlocking device,
a unique and unmistakable strong point.
TRYVIO is a blend of pure design,
maximum strength and endless application developments.
The original section is a triangle mm.80x80
which ensures both structural strength
and consistent elegance.
The TRYVIO modular system
gives life to many furnishing solutions:
tables of various sizes, big and small, shelving units,
modular seating, display cabinets and book-cases.
On the basic module it is possible to add shelves,
doors, in glass or wood, drawers and closed sections
with a mounting system so simple
that just one person can implement it.
It is possible to choose the type of wood desired
which will then be refined by our master painters
to enhance the wood grain found in nature.
TRYVIO combines the elegance of the wood,
the rigor of clear or frosted glass
and the nobility of the fabric and leather which,
thanks to special treatments,
creates the ideal environment in harmony
with the desires and personality
of the most demanding Clients.